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Mimi is a 17 year old high school girl who lives with her parents in the Tokyo suburb of Asagaya on the Chuo Line. Mimi has a superb memory and her test results always put her at top of her class. Mimi is a good student but she doesn’t fit in with her classmates and she constantly feels out of place at school.
Mimi is always asking herself “Where do I belong and what is the truth?”

One day, on her way back home from school, Mimi is hit with a thunderbolt that strikes an overhead power line. She is saved by the Thunder God who introduces her to his buddies, the God of Wind, Asura, the Great Land Master, the Sea God, the God of Rice and Mickey, the God of Entertainment. They are all notably eccentric and more than a little ragged in appearance.

Mimi’s grandmother, Shizuka has been quite depressed since her myna bird, Hakushi, went missing a year ago. Mimi and Ra-san, the Thunder God, make it their business to set out in search of Hakushi, the pet myna. With a little help from Mickey, they manage to slip back in time to 1940’s Asagaya. Mimi meets her 16 year old grandmother, Shizuka who is a big fan of the great national poet Hakushu Kitahara. Mimi goes on to meet the poet Hakushu, an event that forever changes her shy and tame character.
Three days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident, Mimi’s fate changed drastically. Radiation-contaminated rain fell in Tokyo. Since then, Mimi has endured pain in her tongue and she is determined to find out why. She and the gods start measuring cesium levels throughout Tokyo. They visit hot spots of cesium pollution to see the reality of damage from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. Will Mimi and her god buddies manage to squeeze out a happy ending? A magical mystery tour through space and time begins!

Director Ryo Saitani (Fusion Product)
Producer Ryo Saitani (Fusion Product)
Distribution Ryo Saitani (Fusion Product)